Skills Development Facilitation's (SDF Services)

SDF Services

Siyaya Skills Institute’s core function within its SDF Outsourcing department is the administration and planning of skills development within our clients’ organization. Our team is sensitive to the strategic objectives laid down by our customers while providing them with between 50 – 350% return on the money they choose to invest, dependant on their level of participation.

The primary responsibility of Siyaya’s SDF Outsourcing department is to ensure that clients record training expenses (both internal and external) correctly and submit the necessary documentation in order to be reimbursed Mandatory Grant by their SETA. We have two services which cater for business. The first is for clients who merely want the documentation compiled and submitted correctly the other is a turnkey service where we manage the entire process.

As it is a legislated requirement that employers of 50 or more persons constitute a fairly representative Workplace Training Committee, Siyaya will ensure that these meetings occur and all relevant record keeping is kept – requirements needed in Skills Development Monitoring and Auditing visits.

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Our Services Include

  • Compliance, determining job profiles and categories of employees
  • Conducting a skills audit and highlighting skills gaps
  • Researching and aligning training requirements of positions with registered Unit Standards and Qualifications
  • Completing Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and integrating financial, strategic and individual requirements through an elected Workplace Training Committee
  • Submitting a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) to relevant SETA
  • Advising the employer on the implementation of the WSP
  • Researching and determining training budget and funding opportunities
  • Implementing planned activities through accredited training providers
  • Assisting the employer with the drafting of an Annual Training Report/Implementation Report against the approved WSP
  • Submitting an Annual Training Report (ATR), reporting progress and claiming applicable training grants
  • Researching and determining training budget and funding opportunities
  • Formulating a training practice to comply with Discretionary Grant requirements
  • Submitting applications for Discretionary Grants
  • Serving as a contact person between the employer and SETA

We Add Value By:

  • Accessing funding for our clients from respective SETA’s
  • Assisting companies to benefit from financial incentives such as SARS’s and Section 12H allowance;
  • Aligning training objectives to optimize the organization’s B-BBEE rating
  • Addressing any skills shortages

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