Business Management

The business management qualification is designed to equip one to manage a business and the finances. Business Management is essential for a business’s commercial success. You will learn about business and financial management best practices, office and legal practice, human resource management, computer literacy, global business strategy and research methods in commerce.

A student will be able to achieve their associated NQF qualifications at each of the levels on successful completion. The knowledge you gain in each successive qualification builds on the last, allowing you to take on key functions and increased responsibility in your workplace.

NQF Level: 4

SAQA No. : 48736

Purpose of the Qualification:

The purpose of the qualification is to build the knowledge and skills of those who are new to financial management and wish to develop the critical skills and knowledge required to perform key financial tasks involved in operating a small business. Further, the qualification can also be used for those who wish to build on existing knowledge gained from employment in record-keeping, financial management or allied roles in a small business and who wish to ensure that they have a firm foundation to perform financial management tasks.

Course Structure:

  • Business Management 1
  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Business Literacy

Admission Requirements:

  • Grade 11 (Std 9) or equivalent.

NQF Level: 5

SAQA No. : 23619

Purpose of the Qualification:

This qualification intends to prepare one to acquire a range of administrative skills crucial to the successful functioning of any organisation.

  • Course Structure:
  • Office and Legal Practice
  • Business Management 2
  • Marketing Management and Public Relations Financial Statements
  • Human Resources Management and Labour Relations

Admission Requirements:

  • National Certificate : Small Business Financial Management (must include the Business Management 1 subject)

NQF Level: 6

SAQA No. : 20366

Purpose of the Qualification:

This qualification intends to prepare one to develop their knowledge and skills to pursue your own business or become a valuable member within the business management team. The knowledge and skills you gain will give you the ability to keep records of financial affairs of the business.

Course Structure:

  • Business Management 3
  • Financial Management and Control
  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks
  • Research Theory and Practice

Admission Requirements:

  • Higher Certificate: Office Administration (must include the Business Management 2 subject)

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