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Welcome To Siyaya Skills Institute

Siyaya Skills Institute is a professionally accredited Training Provider, which satisfies the requirements of the new Skills Development legislation in South Africa. Siyaya, an externally verified Level 1, B-BBEE contributor, ensures the delivery of quality learning and maximum financial and strategic benefits for all levy-paying clients.

The Institute was registered in 2001, although the directors have been involved in training and Skills Development since 1985. The company was commissioned to draft some of the first generic training material for Services SETA (SSETA), enabling Siyaya to master the challenging world of Skills Development.

The Institute is recognized as an experienced and highly capable specialist services provider having successfully completed in excess of 9 000 national qualifications, assisting countless organizations in reaching B-BBEE and compliance objectives since 2001.

We provide reliable services within the regulatory environment, ensuring the delivery of quality learning while maximising financial and strategic benefits for all levy paying clients.

Our Institute has to date secured an average of between 50% and 350% of levy payments back in respect of training for clients as well as securing company tax deductions of more than R300-million through the correct application and structuring of skills development interventions and government incentives.

Our focus is to provide solutions to our clients, assisting them in the integration of company compliance with the various prescriptive and elective legislations, while increasing the productivity and effectiveness of employees through our quality learning experiences.

We, as an externally verified Level 1, B-BBEE contributor are proud to provide national services through branches in all major city centres in South Africa.

Our Strategic Values

To be the most innovative, fastest growing, transformative consulting and training firm.

Enrich the lives of all our people, customers and the community through providing quality innovative consulting & training solutions to their problems

To be the most innovative, fastest growing, transformative consulting and training firm.

ICB Registrations Now Open!!!

Study an accredited ICB qualification in the fields of Financial Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Public Sector Accounting and Office Adminstration and take your career to a new level. The ICB qualification is available in Contact and Distance Mode at our Durban campus. Register today and take charge of your career.

Siyaya Skills Institute Programmes

  • Hygiene & Cleaning NQF Level 1 | 2 | 3
  • Business Administration NQF Level 2 | 3
  • Production Technology NQF Level 2 | 3 | 4
  • Wholesale and Retail : Operations NQF Level 2
  • Wholesale and Retail : Distribution NQF Level 3