ICB - Institute of certified bookkeepers


ICB is an 87-year-old Independent External Examination Body for Accredited Business Qualifications in Southern Africa. 

Their role is to create pathways for students to obtain valuable business studies skills for employment that are endorsed by credible Business Qualifications.

As an appointed Quality Assurance Partner for QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations), ICB is authorized to conduct examinations on a number of Registered Qualifications that are on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).

ICB’s training providers are accredited colleges such as SIYAYA. The ICB Qualification is offered at our Durban Campus only. Email icb@siyayaec.co.za or give us a call on 087 820 7072.


An Introduction to icb

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Can i study these courses if i dont have matric?


Yes, of course! 

The ICB Courses start at NQF level 3 and go up to NQF level 6.

 If you do not have Matric you can still study a ICB qualification at NQF LEVEL 3. if you continue studying, you will gain a  qualification TWO levels ABOVE Matric.

How does the icb programme work

The ICB qualifications are broken down into subjects, which are entered and examined individually. The ICB provides a (PoE) Portfolio of Evidence for each subject.

As an accredited ICB training provider or a college, SIYAYA Skills Institute provides tuition, support and study material. The ICB is responsible for external assessment. Students would first register with their Siyaya, and will then be registered with the ICB in order to receive their PoE. This PoE includes 3 assignments and 2 tests and is completed by the student during their study phase. Each PoE is submitted and assessed together with a final exam.Once a student has passed all subjects in a qualification, the qualification is awarded by the ICB and FASSET.

The ICB have successfully graduated more than 25 000 students over the last 5 years!